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4.9 out of 5 (15 reviews)

ANDREW H. - Mtn. Home, ID - Purchased: 7/27/21
I always wanted a flat bed. Finally got the money to get one. Ordered a different brand from the dealer. When I got the dealer to drop off my truck and saw the Norstar flatbeds sitting there, I immediately changed my mind and purchased the Norstar flatbed instead. I haven't been more pleased. Love the tubing on the headache rack. Hides all the wires for the lights. Nice steps on the bumper too. Great product and very useful.

CHRISTOPHER C. - Somerset, MA - Purchased: 5/10/21
quality of the SR BED is unsurpassable, the fit is great and the design works awesome on my pickup truck, fair pricing and quality product! I am very pleased with my recent purchase from Norstar and will be recommending them in the future. Thank you, chris

BRANDON C. - Irondale, MO - Purchased: 4/17/21
My new Norstar truck bed gets so many complements on my new truck, why would anyone want anything else?

ADAM K. - Princeton, MA - Purchased: 2/26/21

LUKE V. - Rockyhill, CT - Purchased: 1/7/21

CENTER MOTORS I. - Manchester, CT - Purchased: 12/31/20

PHILLIP L. - aNSONIA, CT - Purchased: 12/28/20

TRAVIS M. - Independence, MO - Purchased: 12/17/20
I looked at a lot of different beds and options and brands for over a month. I found the Norstar to be the best bang for the buck. Heavy duty, and best looking. The mounting system uses rails that slide on tubes that are permanently attached. I installed the bed myself (I do lots of metal fabrication and welding) and noticed the rails were not square to the bed. So I had to measure and split the difference, then welded them in place and not use the supplied bolts. I then put it on the frame and welded steel plates (3 on each side) then bolted the bottom half with 2 bolts a plate into the frame. Only reason I am giving it 4 stars is because the squareness was off 3/4 of an inch and that is high. Also, the dealer told me I didn't need an additional adapter for my truck, but turns out I did, so I ordered one directly from Norstar. Bed fits perfectly now and looks awesome. Cab profile is the same as my truck (08 F350 CCLB SW). I would buy one again and always looking at one of their dump trailers.

XENELIS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY I. - Middlefield, CT - Purchased: 12/11/20

MONTY D. - Onoway, AB - Purchased: 12/11/20
Overall very well built deck, fit truck with no problems.

CURTIS D. - East Hartford, CT - Purchased: 12/4/20
Love the bed. Great quality

KRIS W. - Beaumont , CA - Purchased: 10/17/20
I am a firemen that uses his truck everyday and I love this flatbed. I should have done this years ago to my truck.

RYAN K. - Keller, TX - Purchased: 7/16/20
Fit and finish of my new Norstar bed is perfect! I highly recommend them to everyone.

DERRICK R. - White Pine, TN - Purchased: 10/23/19
My Norstar bed has been one of the best purchases I’ve made. The build quality is obvious just looking at it. I would recommend them to anyone.

ANDREW I. - Cedar springs , MI - Purchased: 3/8/19
Purchased this for my 1999 Dodge Ram 3500.

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