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4.8 out of 5 (25 reviews)

STEPHEN S. - BONNER, MT - Purchased: 8/11/21
Homeowner use about once a week. 7 weeks in.... trailer was shipped without 7-pin charging cable, battery is bad after less than 10 lifts, latch has to be forced shut. I'll be contacting warranty.

OCTAVIO F. - TWIN FALLS, ID - Purchased: 7/29/21

1020678995 R. - COLEVILLE , SK - Purchased: 5/31/21

LIONEL H. - Lascassas, TN - Purchased: 5/28/21
The dealer was very good and accommodating they went out of their way to help me. They had the trailer moved one hour closer to my location witch saved me two hours of drive time. I was very impressed with the trailer when I got home and did a deeper inspection. I found 2 problems the bolts that hold the jack crank handled were not tighten and I had 2 grease zerks that will not except grease. Very minor problems. I would recommend this dump trailer and my dealer to everyone. I feel like this trailer is quality built and should last me a life time on my farm.

PHILIP W. - carlisle, PA - Purchased: 5/25/21

KYLE B. - Cheney , WA - Purchased: 5/24/21
I drove 2,300 miles for my trailer, so I had high expectations picking it up, but had heard horror stories about welds and non finished trailers being sent out. My trailer welds are all completed, all parts are included and nothing missing. Trailer had lived up to my expectations so far and plan on getting a GN flatbed soon.

DAVID T. - Friona, TX - Purchased: 5/6/21
Trailer built perfect. Load my skid without a problem.

DOUG F. - Eagle Creek, OR - Purchased: 4/22/21
I ordered this trailer on 10/27/2020 from the (Trailer Station of Chehalis) in "Washington State" and were given an estimated 2-1/2 months for delivery. Finally took delivery on 04/15/2021, 5-1/2 months later. Were told main hold up was waiting for the auto charging system that was ordered with the trailer. For North Star's consideration : Steps the factory may want to take to improve their product ! Not lift the trailer w/ chains wrapped around the upper I-beams front of gooseneck, mars the paint and steel. I had to file sand and repaint these areas. Extend the two stage jacks and the gooseneck adjusting sleeve all the way out prior to painting them, not leaving it for the customer to do. All the grease zerks were painted over, this should never happen. What's even dumber is someone put a grease gun to them and pumped a big gob of grease on each with nothing getting through the zerk. I had to clean each zerk fitting outer and under carriage to get them to accept grease. Found three of the lights two round side markers and one rectangular tail light improperly installed stuffed in sideways with the rubber casing all balled up. I had to pull them back out and remount them. May want to tell person installing them that a little soapy water makes for a much easier install. Bolts used on the tarp cover case were too long, with the dump box in the down position ends of bolts hit and were marring the vertical I-beams. I cut them off even with the end of the nylock nuts leaving a 1/2" clearance. Set screws on flange bearing lock collars used on the ends of the tarp cover shaft were never tightened, but they are now. One other note engineering might want to consider something I added to the trailer 3/8" thick rubber pads glued to the mainframe for the box to nest down on rather than have box bang down hard every time you lower it, vibrating and grinding away at the paint and steel as you go down the road. Excluding these points I do like your trailer. Thanks Doug

BRANDON H. - Beaver, UT - Purchased: 4/16/21
Purchased for use for my construction business, has done everything I've needed it to. Love it so far

CLAUDE S. - Bonneau, SC - Purchased: 4/2/21
put six yards of fill on trailer spread it with out shoveling.

JON A. - Wellington, KY - Purchased: 3/16/21
I am very happy with my new trailer, it has been a great additional to my farm.

JOHN B. - Silver City, NM - Purchased: 3/12/21
We bought the 14’ dump trailer. We haul our small backhoe with the trailer as well as various material. The trailer is very well made. The attention to detail is refreshing, such as every hinge can greased. The trailer pulls great and handles loads good.

MICHAEL A. - liberty, MO - Purchased: 3/9/21
Super nice trailer but the dump bed will not seat itself without pushing on the side of the dump bed.

VAULT C. - RED DEER , AB - Purchased: 3/5/21

VAN W. - Sheidan, WY - Purchased: 3/4/21
Solid built, can handle big payloads!

MICHAEL S. - Craig, CO - Purchased: 3/1/21
Great built product!

JAMES H. - Van Buren, AR - Purchased: 2/22/21
I have been looking at dump trailers for some time and the Iron Bull dump trailer exceeds my expectations. Construction is top notch and craftsmanship shows great attention to detail. I am very satisfied with my purchase of the Iron Bull DTG8314072 goose neck dump trailer!

ROB S. - PRINCE ALBERT , SK - Purchased: 12/28/20

JOHN W. - Anderson, MO - Purchased: 12/3/20

STEVE T. - Ada, OK - Purchased: 10/31/20
I bought my trailer for personal use. I picked it up in Norman, Oklahoma and went to a nearby landscaping company and hauled a load of dirt for my garden home. The trailer seems heavy duty and well built. I have used it on two other occasions to haul dirt and crushed rock. The trailer pulls great and the dump is so much better than using a shovel to unload. I have even hauled my 32 horsepower tractor and mower on the trailer and it handled it fine. The ramps are well built and I like having them slide out the rear of the trailer, almost ready to use. I am looking forward to future use of this trailer. I would recommend the Iron Bull Dump Trailer to anyone looking to buy one.

BILL P. - West Plains, MO - Purchased: 10/29/20
I currently own a 6x12 gooseneck dump trailer, but my 16 year old grandson fell in love with it and started making some good money hauling sawdust and chat and also cutting and delivering wood around Springfield and Aurora Mo. So I gave him my older dump trailer, so I still needed one on my farm. I looked at several different gooseneck dump trailers, but Ironbull stood out head and shoulders above all the others.

RANDY B. - Evanston, WY - Purchased: 8/26/20
I got this to haul construction waste. So far it has exceeded my expectations and saved me a ton of time and cost at the landfill.

CHRISTIAN B. - Houston , TX - Purchased: 8/21/20
Awesome built trailers one of the best out in the market

DERICK S. - Fredericksburg , TX - Purchased: 8/12/20
Well built trailer at a reasonable price.

JOSEPH H. - Pahoa, HI - Purchased: 7/10/20
Dealer had to change out the jack...wasn’t greased properly...makes me wonder about other places that didn’t get greased?

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