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4.9 out of 5 (119 reviews)

BRAD M. - Waupaca, WI - Purchased: 10/6/21
After unloading a car hauler filled with old shingles from a garage roof by hand. I decided I would never unload anything like that by hand again.

TRAVIS G. - Crawfordsville, OR - Purchased: 9/21/21
I've now purchased 4 Iron Bull trailers of different varieties, certainly impressed with the quality of the trailer, and very pleased with the Oregon/Washington chain of stores selling them. Thank you!

MICHAEL W. - Round Mountain, NV - Purchased: 9/18/21
Its a great dump trailer. You cant go wrong with it.

DERRICK M. - Tuscaloosa, AL - Purchased: 9/17/21
Great trailer.....great people!!!!

CHARLIE S. - Rescue, CA - Purchased: 9/15/21

TOM R. - Columbia Falls, MT - Purchased: 9/14/21
I needed a dump trailer to effectively manage both my logging and construction business. Both Tim and Cody (the owner) were extremely helpful and assisted us, answering all questions.

TERRY G. - Meadview, AZ - Purchased: 9/11/21
Bought the Ironbull dump trailer for dump runs for our 5 1/2 acres and also to haul our Polaris RZR XP4 to our favorite riding area. The RZR fits perfect.

ELIJAH S. - Columbia, TN - Purchased: 8/31/21
Got a 14' dump trailer, about a month ago, and so far its been great, but only used it a couple of times so time will tell. And the warranty on the trailer is surprisingly good, and easy to register the warranty. The dealer was super friendly and helpful to pick which trailer we needed. Definitely recommend them

SCOTT D. - Pensacola, FL - Purchased: 8/30/21
Been Looking for a dump trailer for along time...But none of our local dealers had the quality of trailer I wanted with the dimensions I needed and loaded with extras ie (Tarp Kit, ramps, and 3 way gate) to name a few oh yea and at a price I thought was fair...Till I found Klein Quality Trailers they blew everyone away locally and just an hour away... Called made sure that what I wanted was still there and I was on my way.... Walked in, filled out some papers and hooked up and heading home....

TYLER H. - Weyburn, SK - Purchased: 8/28/21

AUSTIN K. - Aberdeen, WA - Purchased: 8/27/21
When I bought my trailer I didn’t look it over very well. I woke up the next morning and started looking at it and noticed the back rail on the square tube door where the ramps go was bent and the angle iron that welds it to the trailer square to door was broke off and powder coated over . I contacted the dealer where I bought it and we have been trying to work it out but I thought I was buying a brand new undamaged trailer . Now I have to take it to a 3rd party to look at it and get it fixed and painted not powder coated because they won’t send a new square tube door with rails welded on properly and un bent and powder coated. Trailers are a nice product just my experience hasn’t been the best and I picked iron bull out of a few other brands I was looking at . I don’t know if my next purchase will be a iron bull trailer as I’m in need of a 3 axle dump and a 3 axle tilt deck in the near future. Depends on how the rest of my experience goes and how I’m treated .

DEACON C. - WARNER, NH - Purchased: 8/26/21
Just picked up a 7x14DTB Iron Bull and all I can say is WOW! The quality and features this trailer offers is unmatched. I looked at close to a dozen different brands of dump trailers, and this by far was the nicest. The bed runners underneath are perfect for our Bobcat. This trailer should work well on the farm!

BOBBYJOE C. - Lucedale, MS - Purchased: 8/24/21
The quality of the trailer is great, as well as the purchase process.

THOMAS A. - Union, MO - Purchased: 8/21/21
This is a very solid trailer, that is what two of my contractor buddies have told me about my new 6x12 Iron Bull Dump Trailer. I agree! I am a welder/blacksmith and I am impressed with the quality of this trailer. I could not have made it better myself. Thank you Norstar! Tom A

KEVIN W. - Oak Point, TX - Purchased: 8/16/21
Needed a dump trailer for my orchard. Moving dirt, gravel, and trees. The Iron Bull was the best bang for the buck and has not disappointed me.

ERIC H. - Havre, MT - Purchased: 8/14/21

BLANE F. - Bagley, MN - Purchased: 8/7/21

ANTONIO D. - Haleiwa, HI - Purchased: 8/7/21
Picked it up in Vegas and drove to Oakland to be shipped to Hawaii. Drove through the windy roads of Yosemite Natl. Park, no problems!!

KEVIN S. - KINDERSLEY, SK - Purchased: 8/5/21

JAYDEN T. - Saskatoon, SK - Purchased: 7/26/21

TROY W. - Newcastle, OK - Purchased: 7/20/21
I purchased a 6x12 dump with 14000lb axles this thing is built like a beast, they did not cheap out on any part of this trailer even the holder for the d ring to hold the rear doors open are made of 3/16" minimum.

A. J. J. - Tunnel Hill , GA - Purchased: 7/2/21
Looked at 3 of the main competitors. Only one came close but still did not measure up to the build quality and features of the Iron Bull. Very satisfied thus far.

LUZ Q. - CONYERS, GA - Purchased: 6/19/21
Love the power on this trailer

THOMAS W. - Stantonville, TN - Purchased: 6/10/21
Wonderful customer service. Very nice and helpful people. Would highly recommended them.

ANTHONY M. - Brownwood , TX - Purchased: 6/1/21
Love it have already recommended several people great product guys were very knowledgeable and helpful

ROBERT A. - Sheffield, AL - Purchased: 5/24/21
Purchased trailer for my business, and have been very pleased. Heaviest duty trailer around. In comparison to other brands, I would recommend Iron Bull to anyone. Does the job and looks good doing it.

NATHAN A. - HELENA, AL - Purchased: 5/21/21
I have been wanting a dump trailer for years. Did my research and ended up with a IRONBULL. Couldn't be happier.

JACOB R. - Sparta, TN - Purchased: 5/19/21
I purchased this trailer to use on my farm and its been the best purchase I have made. I would recommend this trailer to anyone

MIKE A. - GRAFTON, OH - Purchased: 5/18/21

JOSHUA D. - Beebe, AR - Purchased: 5/14/21

0830847 B. - golden , BC - Purchased: 5/14/21

ELISA S. - Buckeye, AZ - Purchased: 5/12/21

DOIGLAS F. - Kanarraville , UT - Purchased: 5/12/21
I have been wanting a dump trailer for quite sometime. The Iron Bull brand was the only one being sold in my area. I guess that was a lucky break because so far it has been a great purchase. I hauled over 30 tons of road base my first day and the trailer worked like a charm. The standard features such as the build in tarp are great. Highly recommended product.

JONATHON M. - REGINA, SK - Purchased: 5/8/21

ADAM B. - Norman, OK - Purchased: 5/6/21

GREAT PLAINS K. - Newcastle, OK - Purchased: 5/5/21
This purchase was to fill a rental need for GP Rents in Norman Okla.

ASHLEY N. - Liberty , MO - Purchased: 5/1/21

MICHAEL M. - Brandon, MS - Purchased: 4/30/21
Great Heavy Duty Trailer. I am a small startup construction company.

MICHAEL H. - Apple Valley , CA - Purchased: 4/29/21
I finally found the Cadillac of dump trailers in the Norstar Iron Bull so after years of searching and wanting to trade-up, I purchased the DTB14. My Iron Bull trailer is solid from the ground up and has so many outstanding features I look forward to many years of use and durability in this trailer.

CORY S. - Evansville, MN - Purchased: 4/28/21

JOE E. - nipawin, SK - Purchased: 4/22/21

TERRY B. - YORKTON , SK - Purchased: 4/21/21

EZEQUIEL T. - Las Vegas, NV - Purchased: 4/17/21
Justin Exline at Trailer source in Las Vegas NV, is the sales guy that took care of me it was an awesome experience! The Ironbull dump trailer I bought is very nice. I still have not used it Being that I’ve only had it for three days but I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna let me down

TYLER B. - Appleton, MN - Purchased: 4/15/21
Been a great trailer so far!

EZEQUIEL O. - NEWALLA, OK - Purchased: 4/13/21
They seem like pretty strong trailers and very good price

EMILIANO D. - Yukon, OK - Purchased: 4/10/21
Always wanted one of these trailers and finally got one! Perfect timing too. It has helped tremendously in our home remodel.

DANNY P. - KINDERSLEY, SK - Purchased: 4/8/21

MATTHEW R. - Girard, OH - Purchased: 4/6/21
This is my second dump trailer, by far this trailer is built more heavy duty and also tows much nicer than the other brand, even though it's heavier it actually feels lighter when towing.

REX S. - Laramie, WY - Purchased: 4/6/21
Proud to own one of these trailers and can't wait to test it out. Really seems like a tough and will built trailer.

JASON D. - FOSTERS, AL - Purchased: 4/2/21
Great looking trailer ready to put it to work!

CORRY R. - Barrett , MN - Purchased: 4/2/21

BRYAN A. - Kansas City , MO - Purchased: 3/31/21

IBARRA I. - Yakima, WA - Purchased: 3/29/21
I have been looking at dump trailers for over 8 months and I couldn't not find what I wanted. Till I saw all the options this 7x14 had. I enjoy using this trailer I am super happy with the design and the structure of it. I've used it more than a dozen times within a month of purchased and wouldn't trade it for anything.

RICHARD H. - Ashdown , AR - Purchased: 3/27/21
Home use

KEITH S E. - Filer City, MI - Purchased: 3/25/21
I recently decided to purchase a dump trailer after borrowing my friends several times and realized I needed to own one of my own. After looking at dozens of trailers and not liking the options or the build quality. I found that iron bull dump trailers are the top built trailers in the industry hands down. There build quality is top notch and they pack there trailers with standard features that are included in the price. Where other brands they are up grade options that cost you more. They are in my eyes the most heavy duty built dump trailer I have seen.I absolutely love my iron bull dump trailer!!!!Before you make a purchase check out your local iron bull dealer.

JIM R. - Port Angeles, WA - Purchased: 3/25/21
We HAD a Big Tex it did not hold a candle to our newly purchased Iron Bull, which is stronger heavier solid bottom, no seams in the floor, heavier frame, powder coat so no more chipping paint. We just bought it so far so good. Jim Russell

RICARDO M. - Ridgecrest, CA - Purchased: 3/23/21
very nice trailers 100 % happy thanks....

ROGER O. - Cle Elum, WA - Purchased: 3/23/21
We needed a reliable and strong trailer to use to develop land and build a new home. Iron Bull is the trailer for us meeting and exceeding expectations. Could not have got the job done without this trailer. Thank you Iron Bull.

ZACK O. - Lewiston, ME - Purchased: 3/20/21
Starting out isn't easy, especially when it comes to having all the equipment to do the job. Scotts Recreation a local dealership was a one stop shop and made my decision easy by telling all of the high quality materials and equipment used in making the Ironbull what it is. Highly, HIGHLY recommend to anyone in the market for a new trailer.

OSCAR B. - Northampton, PA - Purchased: 3/17/21
It is an excellent trailer

TRAVIS G. - CIMARRON, KS - Purchased: 3/16/21

BRIAN W. - Jefferson City, TN - Purchased: 3/16/21
I am a veteran and retired police officer. I decided to start a dumpster rental business using dump trailers. The iron bull trailer has performed very well in this role. I plan to expand soon and will buy this brand again in the future without a doubt.

CALVIN L. - Ferndale, WA - Purchased: 3/12/21
I am very impressed at the build quality and attention to detail. The iron bull dump trailer is built tough and very heavy duty. It dumps every thing I fill it with ease.

TELL K. - Billings, MT - Purchased: 3/11/21
Bought a 2021 DTB14, the trailer has made my life so much easier. Looked at several brands and this one won out when it came to quality for the money!

JAMES H. - Excelsior Springs, MO - Purchased: 3/3/21
TrailerTown in Holt MO was awesome and great to work with. Trailer is exactly what I needed and heavy duty. Extremely satisfied.

MICHAEL D. - Moncks Corner, SC - Purchased: 2/26/21
This is one stout trailer. Everything on it is built strong and made to last. We did a lot of research and visits to dealers of the competitors and as soon as we saw Norstar/Ironbulls trailer, we knew it was going to be tough to beat. Not only was the price point a little lower than some competitors, it's made to last and their warranty backs it up. We will definitely be adding more Ironbulls to our fleet in the near future.

MATTHEW W. - Valley, AL - Purchased: 2/23/21
We are a small dirt work company that needed something rugged to handle the stress of our trade. We were looking for the heaviest built trailer we could find which was the iron bull. The steel is way above industry standard. We usual haul anywhere from 10 to 30 tons of rock a day with it and paint in the bed still looks great. We have hauled rip rap several times but cant tell it. Have only had to plug it in twice to charge it and that was cause of fuse in the truck. we are definitely dedicated Norstar customers from here on out.

JOSE C P. - Thousand Palms, CA - Purchased: 2/22/21

HARLAN P. - Chehalis, WA - Purchased: 2/22/21
Great piece of equipment for jobsite debris removal and material delivery!

JASON B. - Murfreesboro, TN - Purchased: 2/6/21
This is my second Iron Bull dump trailer to purchase from Norstar. Best in the business!

BODKIN F. - OAKVILLE , ON - Purchased: 2/5/21

STEVE Z. - ELGIN, IL - Purchased: 2/4/21
This trailer is as tough, strong and reliable as they come. It's better then all the others, even the ones that are priced higher.

RICHARD R. - Shelton, WA - Purchased: 1/26/21
I have rented multiple different dump trailers and this is by far the best quality.

JUAN S. - Fontana, CA - Purchased: 1/14/21
Will recommend to everyone I know very well build trailer

ERIC M. - Santa cruz, NM - Purchased: 1/12/21
I had never heard of iron bill by norstar before, after very carefully studying others comments and reviews, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Strong built, durable, no sway action on the highway, all around great trailer! Would define buy again.

PHILIP I. - PUYALLUP, WA - Purchased: 1/7/21

TKO H. - TWIN FALLS, ID - Purchased: 1/5/21

RACHEL R. - Thibodaux , LA - Purchased: 12/30/20
Just purchased this trailer, the dealer has amazing customer service and go above and beyond to take care of there customers. They make you feel as if you are apart of their family! Can’t wait to our our new trailer to work!!

ANDY L. - Little falls , MN - Purchased: 12/28/20
Just bought the trailer . Did some research prior and seems to be well built . Can’t wait to put it to the test

MARK S. - Susanville , CA - Purchased: 12/18/20
I bought my 14k dump trailer back in December of 2020 and couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase. Since then I’ve been able to clear my property of overgrown brush and trees. I’ve also been able to flatten the majority of my property with ease by bringing in a few loads of dirt. The trailer will be of great use as I continue to landscape my property.

JOSE S. - Melbourne , FL - Purchased: 12/10/20
Great dump trailer, rides really smooth on the road,and in bumpy areas, no problem lifting, simple to operate, very pleased so far! Definitely Heavy duty! Glad I got it.

BEAU H. - Vale, OR - Purchased: 12/7/20
I looked for a dump trailer that would work for firewood and this is the trailer for me. I tell others that are looking for one and strongly suggest iron bull .

ROBERT F. - Norman, OK - Purchased: 11/25/20

JOHN S. - Susanville , CA - Purchased: 11/21/20
I have purchased 2 in the last 2 1/2 years and I love it. Best built trailer on the market.

BRADLEY L. - Mexia, TX - Purchased: 11/15/20
Heavy built strong trailer

ERIC F. - loxley, AL - Purchased: 11/14/20

COLTEN S. - Kalispell , MT - Purchased: 11/13/20
Sweet trailer very well built and the warranty is unbeatable.

EDI C. - Pflugerville, TX - Purchased: 11/11/20
Was looking for the iron bull dump trailer and found the best one 7x14 4ft. Walls. I’m buying again if I can.

JUSTIN W. - Pensacola, FL - Purchased: 11/5/20
Recently purchased a 2021 7X14 Ironbull dump trailer. Its by far the highest quality trailer I've ever owned. Supper heavy duty plate metal on the floors as well as the gates. The design is fantastic for every day use. Parker Wilson Pensacola, FL

DESIDORO Q. - Rio Rancho, NM - Purchased: 11/4/20
I purchased this trailer to help with maintaining our large yard. This year we only had to make 1 trip to the dump rather that the 4 trips in previous years this will save time and money. This trailer also work perfectly for hauling my skid steer.

DEREK R. - Woolwich, ME - Purchased: 11/2/20
I had to wait weeks for a DTB14 to come in and the second I saw it i went right up to the dealer and bought it. I have worked in metal fab for 7+ years and I know quality when I see it! I would recommend this trailer/brand to anyone looking.

WESLEY J. - SALEM, OR - Purchased: 11/2/20
Great trailer, hauls a lot and holds up to the work thrown at it....

RANDALL S. - Florence, OR - Purchased: 10/30/20
I was looking for a dump trailer that had some quality feature and I decided on an Iron Bull 7x14. After making several calls I found out this trailer was in demand by everyone. I placed my order and waited, calling each week to see if one came in with my name on it. Four weeks later I was successful. These trailers are built tough and ready to work.

CLAYTON P. - Blackfoot , ID - Purchased: 10/29/20
I have always wanted a dump trailer both me and my wife did a lot of research on dump trailers and talked to a lot of people about all the different kinds of trailer when I found my Iron bull dump trailer 6' X 12' from River side boot and Saddle it was the prefect fit for what I needed I absolutely love to use it and it pulls great it really saves me a lot of time I find my self looking for more things to haul. its a well built good looking trailer I fill spoiled having it .

CHRISTOPHER S. - Poulsbo, WA - Purchased: 10/27/20
I use this dump trailer to work around the farm and haul equipment. I chose Iron Bull for the value and its industry leading 7 ga one piece steel bed. This trailer offers a bunch of features other companies charge more money for (load ramps, tire mount , 3 way rear door). Chris S. Poulsbo Wa,

ERIC R. - Vancouver , WA - Purchased: 10/9/20

BRENDA & SHERRI S. - Marcola, OR - Purchased: 10/1/20
Love our iron bull use it constantly for landscaping, gravel, bark o mulch. we use it to haul or jeep mudder for play and our caterpillar skid steer for work and play lol. This is one of the best built trailers we've ever owned. Love it Check iron bull out before you buy anywhere else. you wont be disappointed

JEFF K. - Essex Junction, VT - Purchased: 9/12/20
Only mfg. I could find that would meet my criteria for a dump trailer......heavy duty 7 ga. flooring, rear stabilizer jacks( even though one was missing from the factory) 8 ft. ramps instead of 6ft. and charging port for battery. This is a well built trailer for a very competitive price.

PETER R. - St Joseph, MN - Purchased: 9/3/20
I install cage for the sport of track and field.

BRIAN P. - Loma, CO - Purchased: 8/12/20
So far the trailer has been great and it also tows amazingly! We love it!

BELLEFLEUR K. - st agatha, ME - Purchased: 8/8/20

MEGAN S. - Cedar springs , MI - Purchased: 8/7/20
Seems like a decently built trailer. D.o.t. Stickers are peeling just from the ride home and paint is bubbling probably from rust underneath it or else I’d have given more stars

RANDY I. - ashland , ME - Purchased: 8/7/20

NOAH G. - presque isle , ME - Purchased: 7/25/20

HOWARD W. - Camden, SC - Purchased: 7/23/20
This is a heavy duty trailer that comes with everything you need out of the gate - built-in tarp system, slide-in ramps, equipment load stabilizers and spring loaded sand foot. I did a lot of research and concluded that this trailer was the best bang for the buck for the long term.

DAVID S. - Camp verde, AZ - Purchased: 7/19/20
Bought trailer for my own use, this is a very heavy duty trailer. Best on the market after weeks of reviewing them.

NICHOLAS H. - Orrick, MO - Purchased: 7/15/20
This trailer is used personally. It has been so reliable and the build is tough! Excited for many more years of use.

RICHIE W. - Greenville, CA - Purchased: 6/27/20
Great product! Made strong! Everything works! Its able to unload heavy loads no problem.

HUNTER L. - HOMESTEAD, FL - Purchased: 6/22/20

TIMOTHY N. - YANKEE HILL, CA - Purchased: 6/18/20

PETER L. - Sterling, NY - Purchased: 6/16/20
After extensive research of several different makes and models of dump trailers I concluded that Ironbull was the best built trailer for the dollars. Also was very impressed with the quality of service and attention to detail that Hank and his crew give to each of their trailers.

JORGE C. - shoshone, ID - Purchased: 5/19/20

SCOTT N. - Fox Island, WA - Purchased: 5/18/20
Well built trailer I do have some problems, very rusty axle u-bolts missing grease fittings, runs in powder coating.

HAROLD G. - Springfield, MB - Purchased: 5/15/20
bought it over the phone. They delivered it. Very nice dealer. Product is a little iffy. Latching mechanism for the open gates did not work on one side. Security latch for closing the gates did not engage. Three of the four rubber plugs on the dust caps were torn. Went to grease the hoist and noticed there was only one cirque. The rest only had holes drilled and we're not even threaded. You might want to send me two T-shirts for all my efforts. Thank you

DAVID D. - MCMINNVILLE, TN - Purchased: 5/8/20
This is the best built dump trailer that I have found anywhere. I was 4 months looking at dumps even to the point of asking people that owned different brands to let me pull their trailers just to see how each one pulled and operated. Then a friend told me about Hank Williams Trailer Co. that they sold Norstar & Ironbull Dumps and I'm glad he did after about 3 hours looking over all the dumps I came home with one. These trailers are very stable and carry a load AWESOME!! To tell you the truth I've not regretted it one bit. I give 5 Stars to Norstar and Hank Williams Trailers

WOODY E. - Salmo, BC - Purchased: 5/4/20
Seems to be one of the best built dump trailers in the market.

JOHN J. - St. Joseph, MO - Purchased: 3/30/20
Heaviest built trailer that I found. I've used it to haul dirt, gravel and my Kubota tractor.

KENNETH M. - ELKTON, OR - Purchased: 5/7/19
Everything has been good til motor failed, took some time but they are warranting it

SHAWN U. - Tullahoma, TN - Purchased: 5/10/18
Love the ironbull trailers I have two saving for there

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